Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - Painting and Posting Again

Wow! What a year! I have really enjoyed my Adventures in Arts. Except I'm not sure where the last few months have went... vacation to Florida, planning for school to start, school starting, the holidays. Suddenly it's New Years Day. There hasn't been a lot of time for art the last few months, just a few Christmas cards.

Well, I'm changing that... I'm taking Laura Trevey's painting a day challenge. I am going to try to paint everyday!

One of my Christmas presents was a watercolor painting DVD set, Charles Reid's 10 Lesson Course. It is very interesting. I've just completed lessons 1 and 2, reviewing supplies and paint to water ratio. In critiquing my paint swatches, I have been using too much water and dabbing my brush.

Paint Swatches

Paint Swatches

Swirls of Paint
(I had to keep telling myself to stop dabbing my brush.)

I tried painting something outside my art room window. The windsock was blowing happily in the breeze. (Actually it's quite chilly outside today).

Windsock I

Windsock II

Windsock III

Anyway I tried to paint the windsock without dabbing my brush and with more paint and less water. I felt like I found some success. Hmmmm.... what to paint tomorrow!


  1. So glad you are participating ~~ love your paint swirls :)


  2. YAY! Nice start to the New Year! Like the movement in the windsocks :D

  3. I find it so fun to do studies in color like this and am getting inspired to do some watercolors again!!

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena


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