Friday, May 7, 2010

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy

Have you ever wanted to go on a Friday Art Walk but were too tired by the time Friday evening rolled around? Well set back, prop up your feet, get a nice beverage and stroll through the Etsy Shops.

First Friday Art Walk on Etsy was established in June 2009, and is an ongoing event, taking place on the first Friday of every month, across the entire globe. How exciting is that!

Just go to Esty and search for "firstfridayartwalk" and enjoy strolling through the different shops!

Come join me on my first art walk.


  1. I had never heard of this event and I am going to join you, just let me slip on my walking shoes, awwwww - there, I'm ready let's go...

  2. Thanks for the wonderful company! Let's stroll...and see all the new items.

  3. well its 11:43 pm and Friday is almost over, I should've read my favorite blogs earlier today! maybe there are still a few stragglers.

    thank you for posting this, I had never heard of it either.

  4. The more the merrier! Please join us. Thanks for the wonderful compliments.


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