Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Papa's Barn

When Time Stood Still
original watercolor
15 x 11

"When Time Stood Still" is a painting of my Papa's farm in the early 1980's. All of the grand kids have wonderful memories of time spent of this farm.

Papa was a small, wiry thin man. He always wore a hat. He used to milk cows at 10 o"clock in the morning and after the 10 pm news. He would usually come in around midnight and wake everyone in the house. Of course, the grand kids would giggle and my grandma would holler and say "Ray, don't wake those kid!" Wonderful, cherished memories.

The second painting of the barn is how it looks now, thirty years later. Weathered but still standing.

Still Standing
original watercolor
11 x 15

Thanks for letting me share a little trip down memory lane.


  1. What a wonderful story behing the painting--it makes it that much more special!

  2. I love the painting and the story brought back memories of my own grandfather and spending a week with them every summer. My grandpa raised sheep and chickens and had a huge garden.

  3. Thanks! I have so many wonderful memories of my grandparents.

  4. I love that you have before and after paintings. I have a thing for old barns, too. I love your paintings. It is so sad to see these magnificent barns falling down and forgotten. I hate the new pole barns... no character at all. (we have one, yuck, but was $ efficient)

  5. Great paintings and a nice story : ) Thank you


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